Y’all know where we’re running with this, as the title says there are numerous false thoughts regarding Africa, the landmass. Quite a bit of this is because of a shortage in intrigue/inquire about which prompts creation, and obviously our great companion Euro-anti-extremism. What we attempted to do here is concocted the main ten myths about Africa that are annoying and, if taken as reality, will make you resemble a trick. Growing up, I never understood the obliviousness that encompasses individuals when they are just mindful of where they are from. I can’t completely point the finger at them, particularly on the off chance that they’veRead More →

The web has tragically turned into a cesspool for the most shortsighted contentions to be sensationalized. The most recent blame dealing fleeting trend expression to hit the net is “social apportionment.” It’s being butchered, with a large number of would be essayists declining to really look into the significance of the term before hurling it around recklessly. So is the situation with a current article proclaiming, that Black Americans were socially appropriating African societies by wearing African garments. It’s implied, that this strong affirmation is as denied of history, rationale and basic examination as “turn around bigotry.” Part I: Let’s start with the meaning ofRead More →

  Here are my 10 key motivations to #BuyAfrican. 1. You get one of a kind, exceptional products. It just doesn’t measure up to high road items. The way of texture accessibility implies items must be delivered in restricted amounts. 2. Supporting nearby African businesses and making business—be it little fitting workshops, texture printers, texture dyers, weavers et cetera. The multiplier impact on instruction, budgetary autonomy and even wellbeing is amazing. 3. Encouraging African plan talent. We have such a variety of enquiries from fashioners needing to outline and stock items. In the event that the worldwide request is there, we would have the capacity to include numerous new creatorsRead More →

Cherish BRIGHT, VIBRANT Colored CLOTHING? Amped up for THE THOUGHT OF WEARING STRIKING, BOLD PATTERNS? Need TO BE A BIT MORE UNIQUE IN YOUR CLOTHING CHOICES AND STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? At that point African mold is unquestionably for you. Make proper acquaintance with your new explanation closet that looks essentially ravishing all through each season. African mold is quite adaptable and permits you to explore different avenues regarding hues and examples to make another look each day in the event that you so want. Here are our main 5 reasons why you ought to take motivation from the universe of African mold andRead More →

The most effective method to Wear African Fashion You don’t should be from Africa to appreciate lovely African form, as the style of African apparel and embellishments can look superb on anybody. The key is knowing how to wear African design with the goal that it creates an impression yet isn’t excessively, and doesn’t seem grandiose or overcompensated. African attire and frill are frequently brilliantly shaded and mind boggling, making it simple to awe when you pick this style for an occasion or exceptional event. Keep it basic When you are wearing African garments and adornments, attempt to keep it as straightforward as conceivable withRead More →

This Black History Month, you or others you know might celebrate by wearing traditional African garments to church or different occasions. Wearing African apparel is a magnificent route for some to praise their way of life and their legacy and to celebrate the excellence of the country. Wearing African clothing means a lot more to many individuals than essentially being a mold articulation. Tailors don’t show up purpose; every image, shading, and even the state of the garments can have a certain reason or significance. African apparel can be an image of status, innovativeness and constancy to tribal roots. Let’s investigate… Kente Cloth Skirt Sets Kente material is the quintessentialRead More →

The advancement of African apparel is hard to follow in light of the absence of verifiable confirmation. In spite of the fact that relics from Egyptian culture go back to before 3000 B.C.E. , no comparable confirmation is accessible for most of the African landmass until the mid-twentieth century. Sources from Arab culture allude to the general population of northern Africa by the eighth century C.E. , yet quite a bit of early African dress history has been sorted out from workmanship, oral histories, and customs that are proceeded by present-day tribal individuals. At the point when Europeans started exchanging and later created states inRead More →

Find distinctive styles for men, ladies, and kids While most African clothing originates from the Motherland, we likewise have exceptionally novel Afrocentric plans from everywhere throughout the world. From suits, to dresses, and African adornments you will discover something you’ll want to flaunt. Customary attire for todays individuals Most present day Africans wear Western-styled gasp suits, shirts, dresses and shoes. Others keep on combining the old with the new, wearing customary dressing, alongside Western styles. Ladies’ kaftans and men’s boubous, are full-length weaved robes. These kaftans, which today are principally worn by African ladies, were initially just worn by West African men. Produced using cottonRead More →