Africa Heartwood Project djembes are hand-carved by experienced drum makers in West Africa. The Classical djembes are specially crafted with sound quality and playability in mind, with additional attention give to aesthetics. Our Classic Womens’ Djembe is hand crafted specifically to cater for the needs of many female djembe drummers: Ligher weight and reduced height. Africa Heartwood Project cultural artisans in Ghana have developed this uniquely sized djembe to make drumming more comfortable and convenient for drummers who prefer a shorter djembe, but do not want to sacrifice playing surface to get it. This djembe gives you full head size and volume, just carved outRead More →

These professional-grade instruments are carved by hand from one solid piece of mahogany. This authentic craftsmanship is needed to get the huge sound–the whole body of the drum resonates as one unit since it is hollowed from one tree. The heads are real goat skin, which is thinner than most heads so you can easily get the popping slap tones and the giant bass tones. The ropes are pre-stretched so once you set the tuning it will hold the tension (not many djembes have this professional detail). Read More →

Djembe Drum – small size. Drums are a traditional African musical instrument. These Djembes are entirely hand made. The drum surface is leather, made from animal hide/skin and the base is made of sturdy carved wood, encircled with plain or braided rope. Some have designs etched into the base, as well as fabric trim along the top. These drums are popular in reggae and other cultural musical productions. In West Africa, nearly all ceremonies are accompanied by the timeless and distinctive melody of drums. Approximately. 10-12 inches tall, 7-8 inches in diameter. Each small Djembe drums is a unique, handmade instrument and will vary fromRead More →

We’ve been selling high quality percussion since 2001. All our drums are professionally hand produced with a stringent quality control. Each djembe is specially crafted with sound quality and playability in mind, with additional attention give to aesthetics. All of our djembes are backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buy with confidence, each djembe is always individually inspected and tested before shipping. Picture is stock photo. Due to the nature of handmade item, the color and/or carving may slightly different.Read More →

Specification: Height:Approx: 5cm Diameter of drumhead: 3cm Pattern:Handmade Main material: Wood , goat skin Product Description: Traditional African Musical Instrument Easy to Play Makes a Great Sound Fun to Use Great starter drum A real money saver for music lovers. Bring the rhythm of Africa to life with these authentic miniature djembe drums. These are exceptional home decorations and great for kids as well. These drums are handmade and vary a bit in size. Please note that each drum is Handmade , and sizes will tend to slightly fluctuate. No two drums are exactly alike which makes each one a unique work of art. PackageRead More →